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Bansko ski holidays – book your hotel today and save!

Bansko ski holidays – book your hotel today and save! Posted on November 25, 2018Leave a comment

Bansko goes white and green at the same time. As the 2018-19 campaign official kick-off approaches, it was announced that this winter there would be no plastic used anywhere around Bansko ski zone. The leading Bulgarian resort joins the all-planet struggle against the pollution. The small town is set in the footsteps of Pirin Mountain considered to be the most beautiful in the country. So, now it is of vital importance to keep it that way and to prevent it from any type of waste.

And while Bansko ski holidays will go greener, it wouldn’t affect their prices, generally speaking. The demand for the place is significant as December started to knock on the door, but the cheap hotels in Bansko are still there waiting for you. It is beyond doubt that some of the most excellent offers for Bansko hotels have been taken for weeks, yet it’s not too late to make a great deal for your winter break. In November, the Bansko snow report already looks promising, so you better hurry to find the best dates and places!


4-star rooms for less than 300 GBP

hotel bansko, bulgaria, skiing winterNo, the April’s Fool has passed long ago. Such a price is not a joke concerning Bansko ski holidays. Check the list of Balkan Holidays to see that the chance to book a stay for less than 300 GBP among Bansko hotels is available. The eponymous Hotel Bansko comes up with deals in that range, starting as low as 256 British Pounds per person for a whole week, And it is hardly the only choice – highly reputed inns like Strazhite or Pirin also open their doors for the budget travelers.

“The more – the merrier” is the key in the equation for the affordable vacation in Bansko ski area. The offers that cost less than 300 quid per person need three adults to book the suite to make the deal work. Also, have in mind that one particular budget proposal might be available with a flight from East Midlands, but will not have the same numbers, if you take off from Manchester. So, don’t go for the lowest cost in the list of Bansko hotels straight ahead – first check if the plane linked to it suits your demands.


The lift pass offer isn’t one to miss out!

Bbansko lift pass 2018 priceooking in advance your Bansko ski card, you have the chance to save a significant amount of funds. Breaking down the numbers, it turns out that the lift pass costs less than 20 GBP per day! That opportunity is present if you pre-book 6-day lift pass with the price of 112 British Pounds. The daily card costs about 30 GBP, but it doesn’t make much sense to purchase it day after day unless you plan to spend little time on the slopes. Missing the experience might mean that you are about to take on the cabin only once or twice during the winter break.

Being a rookie anyway doesn’t mean that you have to be shy! Some would say that Bansko ski holidays might not be the most suitable for first-timers. While it is true that inexperienced skiers should not go for a race at the Alberto Tomba piste, there are routes in Pirin Mountain designed for newbies. If you want to learn and develop your skills, there is even a better offer. Why not taking the First-Time Ski Pack for less than 160 GBP in the high season? Besides the lift pass, that deal also includes the equipment hire and the ski teacher – everything a newbie needs for a successful debut on the slopes.


The season opens in the middle of December

traveling to bansko in decemberSometimes Bansko snow report is favorable for racer even in the second half of November. However, the tradition is to kick off the campaign in the middle of the last month of the year. One the one hand, 8th of December is the Student’s Holiday in Bulgaria, and the college kids book Bansko hotels to celebrate. Most of them do not run the slopes anyway. The next week’s end is typically the time to start the season in Bansko ski season. And there is always an Alpine celebrity to make a run on Tomba’s track. This year it will be the Austrian Patrick Ortlieb, a holder of Olympic and World Championship’s gold medal in downhill.

The Pirin Mountain area has indeed developed to be the field where the stars of FIS Alpine World Cup meet. It will happen on the last weekend of February. You can be there to watch the thrilling races above Banderishka Polyana. Or you can book Bansko ski holidays for a great price anytime you want to enjoy the winter break on a full scale.

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