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Borovets weather promise for a long season: Respected!

Borovets weather promise for a long season: Respected! Posted on February 27, 2018Leave a comment

When it seemed that the winter is about to end in Bulgaria – without being a real winter for the most time and for the bigger part of the country this season, snowfall suddenly came back to surprise many people. But while for those who were already expecting the spring the turnaround wasn’t a pleasant event, the blizzard happened to be a bliss for the skier and snowboarders. And the Borovets promise for a long season looks like about to be strictly respected.


The oldest winter resort in Bulgaria as well as the most popular recently – Bansko, have all it takes for a one-third of the year skiing activity or even longer. And while the year-round places in Austria and Switzerland are impossible to beat in that category, regarding the weather in Borovets, Bulgaria has a holidays center with snow sports activity usually from early December to mid-April.


So the late snowfall contributed significantly to that matter for those familiar with the conditions in Rila Mountain it wasn’t all depending on an accidental blizzard. Borovets snow report has been favorable for weeks before the main area of the country finally turned all white. The conditions in the winter holiday village located nearer to the main airport in Bulgaria – the one in Sofia, among the Top 3 snow vacation area, have been on the display since the start of the season and even earlier. You can take a look on the snow report Borovets in the website of Balkan Holidays where more details are available.


4 feet of snow for 4 months a year

skiing and snowboarding in Borovets,Bulgaria

The snow happens to be thicker than one meter not only due to the late February abundant snowfall. Borovets ski conditions looked suitable for sports and amusement for an impressing streak of weeks before the blizzard and promise to be so for a month or longer after that. Five weather stations have been installed on the territory of the resort to provide on-time update of the most valuable data required by riders and tourists. 4 feet of snow for 4 months in a row is the picture shown by the numbers in the area of Markudjika zone and on the top of the Yastrebets and Sitnyakovo Express lifts.


Except for the thickness of the cover, the snow report for Borovets show the temperature, the wind speed, and the humidity – the info is refreshed practically every minute and not only for the main area but for all five weather stations. Thanks to the consistently working system of weather report Trusted traveler will not only undoubtedly show you absolutely up to date information regarding the conditions in Borovets but will also be in great support to provide you the best deals offered by Balkan Holidays, the leading UK company for travels and holidays. And booking late in the winter might turn out to be a great purchase even for a resort of that kind that has already gained in popularity for being an attractively affordable option for the winter holidays.


The 3-stars accommodation choices for late March reservation start as low as 250 GBP for a week. Even the second-best category costs less than 300 GBP for 7 days if the right deal happens to be chosen on time. Being less than an hour and a half away from the airport and with the favorable Borovets weather forecast, you can enjoy a beautiful and cheap winter break when most of the people consider it is already spring.


Seeing helps believing. Believe the Borovets webcam view


Hardly would any human of reason think that the data of the Borovets snow report provides information that is far from being true. But what is more convincing than the numbers are the pictures. Available for 9 spots around the oldest winter resort in the country, Borovets snow cam net delivers uninterruptedly vision of what is going on the hottest zones of the resort. The hottest in the meaning of “popular”, not “warm”, just to specify for those who might get it wrong.


Refreshed about 15 or 20 times every minute, the system shows static views from several important points on the map of the Rila Mountain. Don’t expect to see HD movie quality when checking Borovets webcams and even not being motion pictures, these visions can be of real use to anyone who considers visiting the oldest holiday village on the Balkans and is even more helpful to those who happen to be already there and prepare to hit the slopes.


The Borovets webcam net is wisely and gradually installed from the base to the top of the ski area. Two “eyes” deliver the look on the “downtown” of the resort and two more stands tall around the Markudjika group of runs, the nearest to the Mount Musala, the champion of the Balkans in altitude (2925 m). Another venue providing two points of view is the Popangelov run, named after the all-time Number One Bulgarian athlete in the Alpine skiing. The zone of the Yastrebets and Sitnyakovo lifts is also photographed every other second or so and the same applies to the Martinovi Baraki group of trails.


With nine webcams Borovets happens to be the champion in that category among all Bulgarian winter resorts. The fact that some of those “eyes” stay closed for the summer should not bother the snow sports lovers since the whole system works with no flaw for the most time during the winter.


And the coldest season might turn out to be unexpectedly longer even when it seems that the weather is mild. The end of the 2017-18 season proved such claim for the top Bulgarian holiday choices. As you may check for yourself Borovets weather report is favorable consistently and the views from the webcams only confirm that. The oldest winter center in the country is well prepared with more than a hundred snow cannons installed on the hills when the “powder” falling from the sky is scarce. But the artificial cover is rarely the sole solution to make the runs useful to the riders and travelers. Borovets loves guests and makes them happy when they least expect it.


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