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Bon Voyage and See you later!

Bon Voyage and See you later! Posted on June 3, 2018Leave a comment

These are the words we usually hear when the long-awaited summer vacation is about to start. You take a leave from job and co-workers wish you to have a good time dreaming that their time for a break is coming soon too. Before they say “Bon Voyage” and “See you later”, people will likely ask where will you go. And if you answer that you have picked holidays in Bulgaria, Golden Sands might be a name that would make eyebrows raise with a puzzled face impression. Don’t worry, it’s pretty normal if people don’t have a real clue about this Black Sea pearl, you know… Wait, what do you mean that you also haven’t heard about Golden Beach, Bulgaria? Well, you have to remember the name, it might be of use and if you book a trip there you wouldn’t forget it.


“Why do you go there?”


A routine question applying for a situation of that kind. If your colleagues ask you about the reason for a travel to Bulgaria, Golden Sands hotels might work as a good way to explain your choice. Show them the deals ( ) and they might want to go there too. Finding a price for the accommodation for less than 300 GBP per person for a week in a 4-star room isn’t that easy but this an actual opportunity regarding the biggest Bulgarian resort on the north side of the coastline.


The cheap suit anyway would convince the doubters but on the real golden beach Bulgaria can be proud of there might pool even those who have second thoughts. The postcard images are not fake but the picture would not make you realize that. You have to put your feet on the Golden Sands beach to realize it was named like that for a reason. The strip near the water is almost 4 km long and the width reaches about 100 meters. With a favorable weather for about 3 months the busiest time there is expectedly the second half of July and almost all of August.


Have in mind that in consideration of late-September holidays in Bulgaria Golden Sands might not be the most appropriate anyway – it’s not a Greek island. When August ends, the water is getting colder every day and rains occur more often.


“Do you even know any Bulgarian word?”


You don’t need to know that much actually. Zlatni Pyasatsi is the original of the golden beach Bulgaria uses for the resort – one of the prominent seaside destinations there. It’s recommended to remember it. Taking language lessons isn’t really necessary going to Bulgaria – Golden Sands hotels have trained personnel and most of the people working there speak English. Anyway, if you want to say “Hi” – it’s “Zdravey!”. Hard to pronounce, isn’t it? “Good morning” is easier – “Dobro utro”. Saying “Thank you” might be a tongue-twister too – “Blagodarya” but you can find an easy way since many Bulgarians also use the French word “Merci”.


Heading to the Golden Sands beach a man might be coming over to get the fee for the parasol and the sunbed. Some of the hotels have their area next to the sea free of charge but you have to ask for this specifically. Anyway opting for holidays in Bulgaria, Golden Sands does not require that much preparation. Just pack your stuff and say “See you later!” to your co-workers.

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