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Luxury Holidays on a Budget in Golden Sands

Luxury Holidays on a Budget in Golden Sands Posted on May 18, 2018Leave a comment

Regarded as a top seaside resort by the local people in the Iron Curtain era, among the choices for holidays in Bulgaria Golden Sands stood out on the luxurious end. While it has not lost it in terms of quality, the main summer destination on the northern country’s coastline happens to be an affordable option to spend a week or two. It might be not the cheapest for Bulgarians but undoubtedly the western tourists for all in love with it for two main reason – the beach and nature are great while the money to be spent is much less than the budget needed for the Mediterranean sites.


Check out the price list!


The resorts where you can find a 4-star accommodation for less than 300 GBP per person for a week are few to count on if you stick to the high class of service. But in Bulgaria, Golden Sands hotels come up with such opportunity and it’s easy to get a proof about it – just jump for a quick check to the list provided b the most reliable tour agency in the region. The budget for the different types of accommodation is influenced by the specifics of the booking and the airport that makes the connection to it.


The cheapest pick in the range of the second best level of hotels in Golden Sands, Bulgaria appears to be Appartments Golden Line where one person can sleep for ONLY 218 British pounds… But actually the condition is that three adults make a reservation for the suit and everyone pays the price. With no food included. It’s the self-catering kind and it’s not bad if your agenda is to be in the hotel only when you need to lay your head to rest.


Comparing this option to the other Bulgaria Golden Sands hotels, the half-board makes more sense. And with just 30 GBP on the top of the previously mentioned fee every guest is granted a breakfast – a meal most of the people shouldn’t miss. Checking for holidays in Bulgaria, Golden Sands comes up with 4-star class for less than 300 GBP in places like Hotel Lilla or Hotel Doubletree.


The greatest way to save is picking an all-inclusive!


Golden Sands beach definitely ranks high in the competition of the greatest recreational areas on the whole Black Sea coastline. And there are few resorts with such affordable options for package holidays in the 4-stars category. Hotel Helios pools the attention with prices around 300 GBP per person for 7 days. Houses of accommodation bearing names and brands like Morsko Oko, Kristal and Glarus provide with great conditions for less than 450 GBP for a week.


Don’t get fooled by what was written so far to think that Golden Sands, Bulgaria is a downgrade resort destined only for the poor people. The highest category of places available for booking represents a good point to oppose such thesis. Asking for 5-stars holidays in Bulgaria, Golden Sands are ready to answer back with brands like Hotel Admiral, Hotel Imperial, and International Casino & Tower. The budget might be less than 500 GBP for the highest level of rooms and suites in the resort. Looking for the all-inclusive options in the greatest category in Bulgaria, Golden Sands hotels like Riviera and Melia Hotel Grand Ermitage should catch your attention.


So there is something for everyone around the Golden Sands beach. Recommending the package opportunities make sense when the bottom line is to stick with the budget restrictions. Having a lunch or a dinner in the restaurant might be a great way to have a treat and taste some special dishes but inevitably will cost more than eating inside the hotel. It might sound boring in some way, but during your holidays in Bulgaria Golden Sands is one of the greatest destinations because there is much more to see around. So why do you have to spend money on food when you can save it for trips and various enjoying moves? Even staying put in the resort isn’t bad at all – Golden Sands beach is 8 km and you can explore every little part of it day by day.

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