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10 Answers to Your Questions About Pamporovo, Bulgaria

10 Answers to Your Questions About Pamporovo, Bulgaria Posted on September 11, 2018Leave a comment

We know that as soon as the swimsuit is folded and put in the closet, you start to wax your ski and make plans about the winter vacation! Bet you do! It might look a little bit too early, but this is the right time to find the best deals. You might not have a clue about the Pamporovo ski map and here are the answers of the most likely questions you would ask about one of the most prominent Bulgarian skiing resorts!

  1. Where is Pamporovo ski resort?

Sure, if you have been there, you will miss this one. If you haven’t visited Pamporovo, Bulgaria, it makes sense to start with this one. OK, the headline of the article says clear enough what country the winter resort is located in – you would identify Bulgaria on the map if you look to Eastern Europe, northwest of Turkey, north of Greece and west of the Black Sea. Pamporovo ski resort particularly is situated in the most extensive mountain in the country – Rhodopes. Part of it is on Greek territory, but the most of range is Bulgarian land. If you take a look at Pamporovo ski map , you will find that it is located next to the towns of Smolyan and Chepelare. The nearest big city is Plovdiv which stands an hour and a half away from the main resort.

  1. Is it easily accessible?

Yes, if there are no extremely severe weather condition in the winter. The road from Plovdiv is decent – not suitable for a fast drive, but the maintenance is regular in the coldest season. A possible drawback hides behind the fact that the airport in Plovdiv operates at a low intensity and it is far more likely to find a flight to Sofia. The capital of the country stands away about 230 km from Pamporovo ski resort and the transfer after you land will last three hours at best. But other features point out that this one might be not too big of a factor.

  1. Is the accommodation expensive?

hotel prespa pamporovo inside
Hotel Prespa – Pamporovo Resort, Bulgaria

Like this one, for example. For the past decade Pamporovo, Bulgaria makes it to Top 10 ranking of the most affordable skiing resorts in Europe. You will hardly find a deal for less than 300 GBP per person for a week, but HERE it is available. Yep, the figures go this low when it comes to the self-catering which is unlikely to be everyone’s preference. The high-end category of hotels situated around the Pamporovo ski map is also much more affordable compared to other destinations 5-star cost. The prices of the luxurious Perelik hotel, for instance, start from less than 450 GBP per person for 7-day holidays. You should act quickly to catch those deals. Otherwise, someone else will be lucky to save on the booking of the skiing vacation.

  1. Can I afford the price of the lift pass?

The answer here is similar to the previous. While the cost of Pamporovo skiing pass for the upcoming season is not yet a definite matter, it is unlikely to differ significantly from the 2017-2018 tags. Last winter the ticket for one day for an adult cost 55 BGN, or about 25 British Pounds (28 Euro). Anyway, if you book a whole week in the hotel, it makes sense to buy a ski cad for six days – the deal is much better then, it took 109 GBP a few months ago. Purchasing the full ski pass is the natural solution if you are not about to worry yourself about the transportation of the equipment. For less than 200 British Pounds the pass includes the lift, the boot and sportswear hire and the ski school. Wishing to travel with your equipment, it is better to book a charter flight through Balkan Holidays to save 30 percent of the price for it.

  1. Oh, what about the ski tuition?

If you have never been on ski before, don’t worry about it. In Pamporovo, Bulgaria you can learn a lot how to slide without falling on the snow. Some of the best ski teachers in the country are there to show the basics and the tricks, and to make you feel safe too. The tuition cost is among the cheapest in Europe, and as we have already mentioned it, the deal is even better when it is combined with the Pamporovo skiing pass and equipment hire.

  1. Slopes for total rookies or gnarley rippers?

Pamporovo ski map has something for everyone. Well, the skiers who look for nothing less than the Black type pistes will not feel so excited. It’s not dull but not challenging for the gnarley type of athletes. But the Rhodopes resort undoubtedly is suitable for the absolute beginners. There are several courses designed specifically for those who make their first time on the snow.

Another plus of Pamporovo, Bulgaria is the fact that in the past few years it actually combines two resorts – the eponymous and the nearby Mechi Chal next to the town of Chepelare. So far both zones are linked by shuttle buses but not so far in the future the visitors will reach from Pamporovo to Mechi Chal – and back, without taking their skis off. But the expansion is unlikely to happen this winter. The combined length of both zones makes over 50 km now, and it is about to increase substantially in the foreseeable future.

  1. How long lasts the season at Pamporovo ski resort?

skiing in bulgaria pamporovoPamporovo, Bulgaria is situated between 1500 and 2000 m above the sea level which means it’s not available year-round as the Alpine destination, located above 3000 m. The weather conditions become more and more unpredictable every year on a higher altitude but in the casual year there three good months for Pamporovo skiing. If the snow deities turn to be favorable, the winter might last even more than four months – from early December to mid-April. But sometimes the winter shows a milder face which is not what the skiers want. On the other hand, the fact that Pamporovo ski resort is the sunniest in the country will make you smile and feel great about it. The overall experience should be enjoyable!

  1. Is it safe at Pamporovo, Bulgaria?

Definitely. There are news stories about fights you might get across, but these are overall rare accidents. You and your family will feel safe being at the Rhodopes resort. You don’t have to worry about your belongings. If there is something particularly valuable, the option to use a deposit box is available in most of the hotels.

  1. Can we go there on a family vacation?

skiing for children in bulgaria pamporovoThis one is among the most family-friendly skiing destinations in Europe. The price of the accommodation is made to suit the best for mama, papa, and the kids. The lift passes for children cost almost half the price of the adult ticket, and if the child is younger than 7 years, the discount is even greater – actually, some of the services are free of charge for minors. For example, if you pre-book the full ski pass for the kin and there are two kids aged 7-11, then you pay half of the fee for the first and literally not a penny for the second.

But have in mind that teenagers are not considered to be children – individuals 12 years old and more pay the fee for the adult. So, check what will be the age of your kids at the time of the vacation to know if you have the chance to enjoy a more budget experience.

Spending the Christmas holidays or the New Year’s Eve at Pamporovo with your family is worth to consider. Such a vacation might leave precious memories for a lifetime. The Rhodopes look like a fairytale in the winter, and the gorgeousness of the mountain is not the only reason to be there on the 25th of December or 1st of January. Don’t think too much if you wish to book suit for this period at the Pamporovo ski resort. The demand for these dates is enormous, and most of the hotels are fully packed months up front.

  1. What the Apres-Ski?

Perhaps it’s not the loudest winter destination which is not necessarily a drawback. The young hearts have several places to have fun after midnight. The bars and the discos not only work until but are also significantly affordable for the Western visitors. Besides the nightlife options, there are other things to do in Pamporovo, Bulgaria except for skiing and snowboarding. If it is about games, try bowling or billiards. Wishing to know more about the local customs, you should go to a traditional restaurant where except for the Bulgarian cuisine you will be charmed by the fantastic sound of Rhodopes’ music.

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