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Pamporovo holidays package – a special gift for special people on Christmas

Pamporovo holidays package – a special gift for special people on Christmas Posted on December 8, 2017Leave a comment

All peaceful and quite on any random day during the year, the most popular ski resort in the Rhodopes mountain expects loud festivities for the end of 2017. Pamporovo holidays hype start with a Students Day record – people from local hotels claim that they have never before so many rooms booked for 8th of December. But this is only a prelude to the bang coming with the last two weekends on the current calendar.

You’re right to think that for holidays in Pamporovo the place will be crowded. Yet still that doesn’t mean it’s all reserved and no bed is left vacant for Christmas. If you want to make a special gift to a special person or people (your beloved one or your family), the time to make your choice for the Bulgarian ski resort is about… Now! Really, several offers for Pamporovo holidays happens to be available at Balkan Holidays but better be in a hurry before someone else get them. And someone will surely do!

Holidays in Pamporovo

Christmas is getting closer and the hotels with suites unoccupied are less than the fingers on one hand. And still the available options for Pamporovo holidays vary from 3-stars to 5-stars. Hotel & Apartments Snezhanka stands out with the most affordable 7-days package starting from 23rd December. A couple can share a twin room for less than 800 GBP.

The best deal on the table appears to be the 4-stars Pamporovo Hotel where a week-long vacation is about to cost not more than 850 GBP for two persons in a comfortable suite. And the place is located just 600 m from the lift and 2,2 km from the main ski zone. Another available among second best category Pamporovo holidays options for a Christmas stay is Belmont Ski & Spa. The lodging happens to be even more affordable for that site but has in mind that the distance to the slopes and lifts is bigger.

The highest level choice left for you at this stage is Villa Arfa. An option for those willing to enjoy a 5-star experience during the holidays in Pamporovo. Luxury is the synonym of this place but it goes with the price – 2105 GBP for a week in a double room. The main ski zone is 3 km away from the villa and the nature surrounding Arfa is breathtaking.

So let’s check what is the availability of the New Year’s Eve. Wait, there must have been a mistake here! What do you mean no option has been found? Well, while you were reading this article, the last vacant room was taken. You should have acted faster. No, we’re joking here – actually, it’s all booked for weeks now. When it comes to Pamporovo holidays, the New Year’s hype is always stronger than any other period. We’ll not promise a thing but there is always a possibility for a vacant room to appear on the radar so check our favourite tour operator Balkan Holidays regularly and if you are lucky, some really great opportunity might come out.

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