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Skiing, fun, and travel in the mix of Borovets holidays

Skiing, fun, and travel in the mix of Borovets holidays Posted on January 18, 2018Leave a comment




While skiing in Borovets is the main reason to visit the oldest winter resort in Bulgaria, almost everyone looks for something more than enough snow on the hills and a cozy bed to lay head for the night. The mix for a perfect holiday contains an opportunity to taste a delicious cuisine, an availability of places to go when you want to have fun till late, a wide spectrum of the amusement choices and an area of intriguing surroundings to visit in the time spare of skiing. In Bulgaria Borovets undoubtedly happens to be one of the sites to have all the ingredients.


Savoring on great meals for surprisingly low prices is among the best things to find in the country. The local cuisine actually happens to be greatly mixed up with the traditions of neighboring states like Greece, Turkey or Serbia but Bulgaria anyway holds a unique taste for food. There are several restaurants in the area of Borovets ski resort with an emphasized accent on the local dishes inside the menu. But if you look for something more traditional or close to your cuisine, there is no need to worry. A three-course meal would cost approximately between 10 and 20 GBP, a beer ordinary costs less than 2 GBP in the pub, the different types of brandy or whiskey also would seem cheap for a guest from the west. And it’s not all about the restaurants – among the most enjoyable and attractive options during the Borovets holidays is to visit a genuine Bulgarian home where the host will cook a special meal for you and will get you to know better with local folklore.


Getting wild in the night

Borovets Night Life

While most of the guests choose Borovets ski vacation to get together with the family and spend some quiet and peaceful time, many tourists love to go wild till late in the night or even early in the morning during the holiday. Some of the most prominent hotels in the area like Hotel Rila and Hotel Samokov have gained a fame to come up with the best nightclubs in the resort. Places with loud music and international mix of visitors are within reach around the whole area of Borovets. One of the greatest possibilities to revel on a nightlife of the oldest winter resort in Bulgaria is to embark on a specially designed tour for drinks in six of the leading bars in Borovets – find more about it here. Sounds like a pub-crawling in the city and it actually resembles that urban practice but better avoid crawling in the snow, really.


Since Borovets ski resort stands at close distance to Sofia (70 km) and to the second most populated city in the country Plovdiv (100 km), both are within less than two hours trip if the weather isn’t suitable for skiing or if you happened to get bored after several days in the same place. The Rila monastery is located across the mountain but the shortcut for cars isn’t available. But the hiking is an option too, especially if the weather happens to be warmer. Several sightseeing attractions can be found in the more immediate vicinity of the complex too.


Skiing is not the only amusement in the snow

And still, the main agenda to embark on a trip to foreign land during the winter is most probably the desire to enjoy the snow. Sometimes the luck is not the side of the skiers and snowboarders – the weather turns to be to warm for the season and there is no white cover on the slopes. Well, Borovets ski resort is equipped with more than 1500 snow-canons to provide with artificial snow if need be. And the highest points of the Rila mountain complex like the pistes of the Markujika zone rarely happen to be bare in the span from December to March.


And if not skiing, the guests of the venue still have plenty of choices for an outdoors blast. The oldest national winter resort comes out with the good old-fashioned ringos laughter available both for kids and adults. What looks even more thrilling is the Ski Doo Adventure – get on a snowmobile for a 45-minute ride to boost your adrenaline while delighting on the breathtaking beautiful sites of the region.


Embarking on a Borovets holidays with the family? Don’t worry, the kids will be alright. A nursery for toddlers during the time of daylight pass is available and can be booked in advance. The same applies for the Ski Kindergarten in the winter center where children aged 4-7 years can enjoy and learn to ride. Borokids Park is specially designed for the little skiers who would love to be in a fairytale-like environment while being taught and supervised by experienced ski instructors. So the fun in the time of Borovets holidays is guaranteed one way or the other.

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