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A shortcut to a good holiday – book your trip to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

A shortcut to a good holiday – book your trip to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria Posted on April 10, 2018Leave a comment

Taking a hint from the famous Lou Reed almost half-century old rock hit, a walk on the wild side happened to be reason driving hundreds, even thousands of young Brits to choose Sunny Beach, Bulgaria holidays in the past decade. The leading seaside resort of the Balkan country has gained the loud fame of being noisy and boisterous, cheap and funny at the same time. No wonder that legions of party „animals“ hit Slanchev Bryag as it is known among local people in the native speech during the hottest months of the year.


But now the agenda of the future development of Sunny Beach is to walk away from the wild side. Don’t worry, party people, you who might consider the holidays to Bulgaria – Sunny Beach will continue to rely on „having a good time 24 hours a day“ type of tourism. At the same time, the goal is to improve the presence and the reputation of the resort and get rid a bit of those booze sunk legends drawing the image of the place being Magaluf 2.0. While Sunny Beach, Bulgaria nightlife will remain wild (but to the extent of reason and common sense), the goal is to transform the area in less chaotic fashion.


The price will not change – it’s still Number One on the sea


Going for a facelift and will not affect the main reason that made Sunny Beach holidays so popular for both Eastern and Western European visitors. Last year research conducted by Post Office among 42 seaside centers around the globe showed that Slanchev Bryag happens to be the most affordable both in terms of accommodation and daily expense. The greatest deals of Sunny Beach hotels are on display and you would hardly find better bargains anywhere else. Operating in the area for more than half century, Balkan Holidays deeply knows the business on the Black Sea shore and no one can beat the most trusted tour company in the region.


Less than 220 GBP per person for a week in some of the 3-stars Sunny Beach hotels? No, this is not a joke. If the news comes up to you too late to find it in the website of one of the biggest European tour-operators – Balkan Holidays, then you will realize how important is to book early for a cheap summer vacation that will save you some funds.


The holidays to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria not just represent the most affordable options for the summer but also open a wide spectrum of opportunities. Many people, especially regarding the family vacation or the elders, would prefer the all-inclusive deals. Many of that type is present in Slanchev Bryag and the average level occur to be of highest demand. The 3-star package holidays in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria costs in the range of 350 GBP per person for a week of the reservation is made well up in advance. The all-inclusive offers can be found on the list of the luxury hotels too and the tourists who can afford to book the highest category of accommodation choose the Bulgarian pearl. They know what the best value really means.


Choose a month with no „R“ in it

A guy jumping off a boat

Well, September isn’t to be excluded that easily – the weather is usually favorable for a nice vacation for the first half of the month. And don’t risk with early-May reservation because the water will be lukewarm at best. But the time frame for Sunny Beach, Bulgaria holidays shouldn’t be considered a narrowly open window. With more than three months of nice weather (even four if the will of nature is to grant the people enjoying a longer season) there is a lot of space on the calendar to be marked for your vacation.


Expectedly, the demand hits the roof in July and August. These are the hottest months everywhere in Europe and the same applies to Bulgaria. Sunny Beach holidays in the middle of the summer will pay off with average air temperatures exceeding the 25 degrees barrier and with nice warm water welcoming to swim and having fun for the greater part of the day. But being in the leading Bulgarian seaside resort in the middle of the summer means you should book as early as possible or you pay more being late. Up to you. Regardless of the time of the reservation, the 8 km long beach covered with the finest sands will still be there, anytime you go.


Any move you make near the beach will lead you to the disco

Disco season 2018 Sunny Beach is ready to be open!

The wild will not evaporate even in the hottest of the summer – probably part of the reason finds an explanation that the buzz booms during the night when it’s cool. And Sunny Beach, Bulgaria nightlife is cool too. If you try to find a bar or a club on the map of the resort you can’t help but notice that the area happens to be so densely saturated of venues available for the famous pub crawling that the separate discos and pubs overlap. The famous Cacao Beach is the Eastern European equivalent of Ibiza or at least those who happened to have visited both places say so. Some of the best artists of the dance and electronic music headlined numerous gig on the Black Sea coast and this is what attract thousands of Balkan travelers to the resort.


The type of places that attract mainly the local crowd and rarely the foreign visitor are folk clubs where a style named pop-folk or “chalga” take place. Besides these clubs Sunny Beach, Bulgaria nightlife is spread around a wide variety of options – from the bars where the cheap booze is the news (the local beer is available at prices between one and three pounds and a glass of vodka wouldn’t cost lot more) to the discos dedicated to the dancing till dawn like Bedroom, The One Club or Brilyantin. The rock music isn’t that much represented in Slanchaka as it is colloquially known in the country but still, there are cover bands to be found around the pubs and the piano bars adds one more option in the list of Sunny Beach, Bulgaria nightlife places to go.


So going wild during the vacation in the most prominent Bulgarian seaside resort remains a leading incentive to visit the place. But have in mind that from now on you will have to behave yourself out on the streeta if you haven’t done it previously. The local administration promised to put an increasing effort to guarantee peaceful Sunny Beach holidays to those who tend to be vulnerable to the noise.


Boat ride in the night, cruises in the daylight

Burgas on sunset! Perfect view 2018

One more option appears on the horizon when it comes to thinking of the advantages of the Sunny Beach, Bulgaria nightlife. Tattoo Party boat has gained substantial popularity in the last few years as a 24/7 option for spending a great deal of fun not on the land but in the sea. In the daylight, the boat is available for cruises while after the sunset the stage is set for a wild night. Around 400 people are allowed according to the capacity of the ship.


More than one availability emerge thinking of sights to be visited during your holidays to Bulgaria – Sunny Beach neighbors Nessebar being famous as a UNESCO World Heritage venue, deserving such an honor thanks to the old town. The nearest big city Bourgas is surely a place worth visiting both daytime and nighttime. What is mandatory to be noticed and remembered is that Bourgas airport is the one that will suit you the best if you book some of the Sunny Beach hotels. The transfer after the plane has landed will take about half hour while Sofia and Varna are situated much further away from the most famous Bulgarian Black Sea resort.

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