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Winter Holidays in Bulgaria – Borovets Ski Resort 2018

Winter Holidays in Bulgaria – Borovets Ski Resort 2018 Posted on November 9, 2018Leave a comment

Approaching the oldest winter resort in Bulgaria, you can hear the buzz before the official kick-off. No, you don’t have to worry that it is too loud around the area of Borovets ski map. The village set in the footsteps of Rila Mountain presents exquisite apres-ski options, but the overall atmosphere is calm and magnificent during the winter. The considerable demand for holidays there makes the buzz around it. For the upcoming season Borovets, Bulgaria comes up with one of the most affordable deals provided by Balkan Holidays all around the continent. The resort works hard on bringing up its reputation to the top of the standards in recent years, and this fact is appreciated by an increasing number of travelers ready to get back to the place.

Borovets, Bulgaria 2018 – Amazing skiing adventure!

One week for 250 GBP and even cheaper!

Balkan Holidays winter BrochureThere is no joke about it – you can find a hotel room for that price in the area near the Borovets ski map. The affordable accommodation combined with the proximity to the state’s capital airport, the great variety of Alpine runs and cross-country skiing paths with guaranteed cover on them for at least a quarter of the year, and the broad spectrum of choices to have a good time away from the slopes make some of the primary reason why the oldest Bulgarian winter resort might be definitely called one of the best-valued in Europe. Borovets, Bulgaria is now a household name not only for the local skiers and snowboarders. People from all the neighboring countries love to come and return there every year, while the number of tourists from Russia, the United Kingdom, and Western Europe grows season after season.

So, the winter vacation for 250 British Pounds and even less concerning the accommodation is the real deal available on Balkan Holidays catalog. The earlier you go for reservation of the suite, the better is the chance to benefit on such a cost. Deep into the 2018-19 season, the price will not be that low, especially for the hotels that can be seen on Borovets webcam because of their central location. Well, these houses are mostly top level and the 4-star rooms that cost more than the mentioned number. But there is no accommodation below the 3-star category present on Borovets ski map. Searching for the place to stay in always pay attention to the airport it is linked with. Some deals might be available, for example, only for flights coming to Sofia from London’s Gatwick or Manchester’s Airport and might not be applicable for travelers booking planes from Liverpool or Edinburgh. And you can’t get the best bargain coming alone to Borovets, Bulgaria – being in a company is the guarantee to take the most affordable picks.

Is it Green or is it Black?

If you take a look at a random Borovets webcam image earlier than December the chance to see no white color on the hills is big enough. The oldest winter resort in Bulgaria is situated on the altitude between 1300 and 2500 m above the sea levels, so there is no year-around availability on the slopes as it is in some of the most famous Austrian or Swiss destinations. Still, there is action on Borovets ski map for about three to four-and-a-half months depending on the winter.

The season is open officially around mid-December. Checking through the webcam, Borovets might show up white before that if there is enough early snow or the temperature drops near zero Celsius to make possible to cover the runs with snow cannons. The prominent Rila ski zone is usually full of people in January and February. Plenty of snow is seen on Borovets webcam images  in early March too, but the campaign folds at the end of the month in a typical winter. Sometimes, but not every year the skiers and snowboarders might be lucky to race there even in April. Well, that is a bonus, and you cannot count on it before the season kicks off.

borovets ski map pisteSo, in April Borovets webcam pictures appear green rather than white. And what about the difficulty type? It’s hard to dub the Rila Mountain resort specialized primary for beginners only or designed for experienced athletes only. There is a place, and there are tracks for everyone on the Borovets ski map. Some of the rookies’ routes are located in the hotel yards of the main resort. If you are a total newbie, tell your friends or relatives to look at the webcam Borovets has installed at the center of the village. They might have a good laugh seeing you fall over and over again during your first attempts. Don’t worry; it was a joke – they won’t watch you from that close. And some of the best ski teachers in the region work there, so even the starters will enjoy their time on the slopes of Borovets, Bulgaria.

The most traditional winter resort in the country is not dull for skilled and trained sportsmen and sportswomen who look for a challenge to make their adrenaline surge during the winter vacation. There are several Alpine and snowboard compliant runs of the most difficult kind. Anyway, the Black tracks make only one-fifth of the slopes present on Borovets ski map. The most significant share of the pistes is the Red (for experienced skiers, but not the hardest way) or Blue (light track, yet not rookie easy). The total length of Alpine runs is almost 60 km, and besides that, there is 35 km of cross-country routes.

A new lift comes with the price

lift in borovets ski priceThe reconstruction and modernization of the oldest Bulgarian recreational area are underway. A fresh 6-seater drag will debut this season, and the plans predict that more than 80 percent of the lifts will be replaced by new facilities. Speaking of Bulgarian winter resorts, the low-cost availability is always on the top of the reason to book a vacation in Rila, Pirin, or Rhodopes. The stunning beauty of the mountains and the variety of skiing tracks add to the value. Anyway, the margin of the price is smaller regarding the lift pass in comparison to Western Europe and especially other former socialist republics like Slovenia. In other words, it’s cheaper but not as cheaper as the accommodation is. For the 2018-19 the daily ski card covering the Borovets ski map rises a little in the price and costs 58 BGN (it was 55). If you wonder how much is that in British Pounds, it’s still under 30 per day. But it wouldn’t make sense to buy lift passes day after day – take one for the whole week! Booking the winter break through Balkan Holidays opens the opportunity to purchase a 6-day card for 89 GBP – it’s 15 quid per day!

The deal for your stay at Borovets, Bulgaria might get even better. How so? Well, take the Full-Ski pack or the First-Time ski pack – it is about difficulty, the price difference is small. In the high and mid-high season, it costs 187-188 British Pounds (177-178 for the rookies) and includes not only the lift pass but the equipment hire and the tuition too. Being confident that you can handle the challenge on the slopes of Rila, the ski lesson might be surplus you don’t need. But think about that. Do you really have to bring your own boots and skis, or it is alright for you to hire it on the spot? It’s about your convenience, and no one would deny your reservation if you come with the gear your love. In this case, you just need to pay for the storage which costs only 20 GBP.

Enjoy the run, have fun away of the slopes

places to visit around borovets rila monasteryThere is much to be experienced on the area of Borovets ski map. But you can enjoy your week in the hours away from the Rila resort pistes too. Plenty of opportunities are on the list in the village and the near vicinity. Going on an excursion is a good pick if the Borovets webcam shows the weather isn’t favorable for taking up high to the Markudjika zone, for example, and you are of the pro-racer type and get bored fast on easier tracks. Actually, you can reach the nearest place on foot – the former hunting lodge of the late Bulgarian kings is situated right above the main resort, so you can take a walk to it and have a cup of tea or coffee. The famous Rila Monastery is located near the village too, but you will need a bus or a car ride.

Regarding the après-ski, the pubs and the clubs are there for you. Whoever loves it loud after midnight, will find several discos working till late in Borovets, Bulgaria. The most popular options are the nightclubs at Samokov and Rila hotels. The noise rarely goes outside, so those who need rest will have it. Having a blast every time near dawn might not be the greatest strategy for the winter vacation anyway. But during your time around Borovets ski map taste some of the local dishes with a glass or two of the Bulgarian red wine – it surely worth it.

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